Thursday, February 20, 2014

A Moment

The NHL takes an Olympic break. Squirt hockey...not so much. We were in Pittsburgh for a tournament and in between games the lobby filled with people watching the U.S. battle it out with the Russians. Squirt hockey players sat in a long row, necks craned to watch the action on the big screen. 

Except one boy. This guy worked his way up and down the row using his hat to hit the other boys in the head. Eventually it was the Kid's turn. Hat Boy hit the Kid. The Kid asked him to stop. Hat Boy did it again and again the Kid asked him to stop. I was sitting behind the boys watching this play out. After the third hit, I spoke up.

"Hat Boy!" I hissed. "Enough!"

Hat boy moved on to someone else. But what happened next is what mattered.

The Kid looked back at me and winked. I nodded my head subtly. We didn't need words. Best parenting moment ever.


  1. You and the Kid never fail to amaze me in how you just 'get' each other. I feel like I've seen him sometime at RIA just on how you describe him. Hope the tourney went well in the Steel City (my family's hometown)! Oh! Our poor US women just couldn't hang on long enough today, huh? :( I literally cried after the game.

    1. The Olympics have not been kind to the American ice athletes, that's for sure. Your family's hometown was very good to us - lots of fun!