Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A Summer Project

Apparently, when we properly nourish our chakras we become healthier, happier and less pissy about summer skating schedules. No, I haven't lost my mind, but I am going to spend the summer doing a nutrition experiment that is completely uncharacteristic of me. Here's how this all got started.

I was sitting on the deck of the house we were renting. The sun was warm and my skin was still tingling from the salt and sand of the beach. I could see the expanse of intensely blue ocean from my chair. Now was the time to dive into my IDEA Fitness Journal. The June issue was dedicated to exercise and mental health. At the beach, surrounded by my favorite type of nature and all kinds of healthy food options, I was most receptive to chakra nutrition.

A few months ago I attended a lecture by Teri Mosey, founder of Holistic Pathways LLC. Mostly, I was interested in her culinary studies. (I'm the world's worst cook, so I live vicariously through others.) But I enjoyed her presentation, I thought I might like her journal article. Hell, I didn't know I had chakras, much less that they need nourishing.

I wish I could share Teri's article with you, but IDEA won't let me. The quick and dirty is this:

Chakras are vortexes that spin along the spinal cord giving and taking "Universal energy." They impact our physical, emotional and spiritual health. There are seven of them and they're color-coded. (How convenient, Garanimals of nutrition.)
  • Root - The root chakra provides stability, consistency and accountability. It grounds us, making us strong and physically healthy. (Red)
  • Sacral - The sacral chakra is about relationships, emotions, sexuality and energy. (Orange)
  • Solar Plexus - The solar plexus chakra gives us our sense of self. (Yellow)
  • Heart - The heart chakra is about love, forgiveness, gratitude and acceptance. (Green)
  • Throat - The throat chakra gives us the ability to express ourselves. (Blue)
  • Third-Eye - The third-eye is about our sense of perception and imagination. It can make us intellectual and intuitive. (Purple)
  • Crown Chakra - The crown chakra is straight-up spirituality. (White)
There are specific foods associated with each chakra and I'm now looking closely at the foods I'm eating, not from a calorie perspective or a macronutrient perspective, but from a chakra perspective. (Is that a thing?) As I do this I'll periodically post here about what I'm eating, which chakra my food is impacting and how, and we'll see if I become a healthier, happier, less pissy skater. The truth is, I tend to be pretty skeptical of this new-agey stuff, but it's summer...time to try something new.


  1. All I know is that when I go to yoga the "corpse pose" is very very good to me...